Particular Help


1. Never omit doing the assigned home-work; if you do, it is like missing a flight or train that you can never catch afterwards.
2. Always revise the work done in class, and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly.
3. If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it the first thing in the morning.
4. Always take down in your diary the work that is assigned for the next day.
5. All home works should be done neatly and the day’s work always dated. Each new home-work should be done on a fresh page.
6. As you grow up, make a daily time-table for yourself for your study (the different subjects in the order of difficulty, the most difficult one being first), for your rest and recreation etc. In this way you will learn to be a person of regular habits, a most valuable asset in later life.
7 Revise at the end of the week all that was learnt during the week.
8. In order to secure all that is best in the education of your child maximum co-operation between parents and school authorities is necessary. We earnestly recommend that parents or guardians look into school diary every day and make sure that the lessons and homework assigned for the next day are done.
9. Parent’s/Guardians are requested to go through the school diary daily and to sign the remarks/comments made by the Principal/Teachers.
10. All communications to the school should be addressed to the Principal.
11. Periodical Reports and the Report Book will keep parents/ guardians informed of the progress of their wards. These reports are to be signed and returned in time as given in the school diary.
12. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities:
•By urging your wards to be regular and punctual in attendance;
• By not engaging private tutors without consulting the school authorities. It is the policy of the school to discourage private tuitions since a student should be able to progress in his/her study as a result of good teaching. If there is real need of a private tutor, arrange for one, after getting the permission from the Principal or Headmistress. Normally the subject teachers are banned from giving private tuition to their own students on the subject they teach in the school. It is very strictly forbidden for any teacher to suggest to a student to come for private tuition outside the class hours for a fixed amount of money as remuneration. If ever a subject teacher sincerely feels that a student should be helped with extra coaching the matter should be discussed between the Principal and the parent. Such arrangement can be done with the consent of the Principal.
• By seeing that their wards are diligent at their home work and revising the lessons,
• By insisting on neatness and cleanliness in the text books, exercise books and personal appearance.
• By attending parent teacher meeting organized by the school authorities.
13. The parents and guardians are not allowed to walk into the class rooms or interview teachers during school hours as it would interfere with the school discipline. But they are strongly recommended to meet the teachers on Parents - Teachers Days to find out the progress of the child.
14. Criticism of a pupil’s teacher or his school in his presence should be strictly avoided, because it causes the child to lose his respect for his teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him/her. Should you have a legitimate complaint see the Principal or Head mistress and discuss the matter with him/her in the office?
15. As your child advances in age guide him to become a resourceful and useful member of home and country, by encouraging self-help for work and study. The students should be taught and encouraged to keep their room tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes, carry their own bag etc. The formation of such habits early in life inculcates in them the idea of the dignity of work, a fundamental personal virtue necessary for a successful career in life.
16. Withdrawal of your child from classes for mere social functions is not recommended because it retards the child’s progress in school and minimizes respect for regular hard work with consequent failure to progress in the studies.
17. As the medium of instruction in this school is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.
18. Special classes, sports and games, cultural and literary activities may be organized on Saturdays as and when required. Participation will be deemed compulsory, in such classes.
19. After the pre-board examination, students of class X are required to come to school daily till preparatory leave is declared. No leave shall be sanctioned except for illness. In case of illness, doctor’s certificate is to be produced by the parent/guardian. A fine of Rs. 30/- will be charged as fine for a single day’s leave.
20. Ordinarily a school diary is published under the authority of the school each year. Any change in the school Rules is notified in the Diary. Each child must possess a copy of the school Diary.
21. Each student must possess an identity card issued by the school. It should be worn around neck whenever he is in the school complex.


1. Good education is the joint effort of the school and parents. Though the school does a lot for the child, it cannot do everything. The home is the place where he/she undertakes his/her first education. So education of your child can be complete only with the help of your full co-operation.
2. Parents are advised to allow the children to watch only educational and useful programmes on the T.V. Habitual watching of movies and serials may take the children away from the realities of life, and may have disastrous consequences.
3. The parents should encourage the child to cultivate the habit of cleanliness in all his/her work and person. Encourage your child to dress neatly and properly. Do not allow him/her to bring costly things to the school so as to make a display of such item or to show that he/she is more privileged than the rest. Help the child to understand that in the school he/she is just like any other student.
4. If children complain to their parents concerning school matters, parents are requested to notify it to the Principal and to withhold their judgments until proper investigation is made. A little carefulness in such matters often prevents unhappy consequences.
5. If there are habits or traits of character in your child which need special watching, please report to the Principal, so that proper care/attention can be given to your ward.
6. Children are attracted to even trifling things which they would like to acquire for themselves. If he/she brings home anything from the school without the teacher’s knowledge, send it back the next day itself and inform about it to the persons concerned. The child will benefit from this experience in later life.
7 While sending letters or making remittance of fee or inquiries, please note the full name (as written in the admission form) of the child, his/her class and Roll Number/Admission No. is very important because many students are there in a class/school with the same name.
8 Parents are requested to see the diary of their wards regularly and note the remarks, if any, made by the teacher or Principal.
9. Parents and guardians who want to discuss the welfare and the progress of their children must first meet the Principal. Any discussion with the class teacher should always be done in the presence of the Principal during their leisure periods.
10. Special attention is to be paid by the parents to ensure high standard of morality and discipline in the child.
11. Students who are sick should not be sent to school.
12. If you have a legitimate complaint, report it to the Principal directly and not to any other member of the staff.
13. Always pay the fees and other dues on time and avoid embarrassment to the child.
14. Private tuition is discouraged for students by the school staff.


• They should ensure that the leaders carry out their duties in a responsible and impartial manner.
• They should command the whole school in discipline at prayer assemblies and all school gatherings.
• They should be constantly alert, observant and sensitive to the needs of the school and act promptly after consulting and getting orders from the Principal.
• They should show exemplary behavior with head held high, providing a shining example of leadership, trust, courtesy, love and goodness.
• They should bring to the notice of teachers even the minor day to day problems of students like fights, misunderstandings, injuries, damage to school property,
missing articles etc.

School Hours

Summer :- 7.25 am to 2.00 pm
Winter :- 8.25 am to 2.30 pm
Office Hours
Summer :- 11.30 am- 01.00 pm
Winter :- to
The Principal receives visitors on class days between:-
Summer :- 11.30 am to 01.00 pm
Winter : to
No school business will be transacted on Holidays
Corresponding pupils should be addressed to the principal.